Welcome to Uni!

Welcome to the best years of your lives and congratulations on making it to The University of Melbourne! Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your first year at uni.

Attend a Camp!

First Year Camps are the best way to meet other students. Camps are run by students for students. They consist of organised activities and span a whole weekend.

We run the largest camp (Melbourne Uni O’Camp), the only one which runs before O-Week (Orientation Week) for up to 180 students, available for all students of any course. Attending our camp will leave you recognizing many familiar faces throughout O-Week and your university classes!

Attend O-Week/Summerfest!

O-Week/Summerfest is your opportunity to join clubs, make friends and party without needing to worry about study! The university has 200+ clubs available to join so there should be one which is right for you! You can view them on the student union website.

Many clubs run events throughout this week for you to meet people. We run the largest party of the week “O-Week Party” which attracts over 1000 first year students, a BBQ and a membership stall. With these events, you are bound to make some friends.

Find the Free Food!

Money is something most uni students are short of so thankfully there are a few ways to get free food throughout the semester!

  • The student union holds free BBQs, Bands & Bevs every Tuesday Lunchtime from 1pm-2pm
  • The student union also holds free breakfasts every day with a cooked breakfast on Thursday.
  • M-ASS and SSS hold fortnightly BBQs on alternating weeks giving you a BBQ each week every Thursday from 12pm-2pm